Sherlock's Baker St. Pub & Grill

Address: 5100 Belt Line Rd.
Phone: (972) 726-6100
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Category: Pub
Check Ins: 12287


  • Amber Wyrick

    2 $ You call its Monday Nights
  • Nik

    Great spot for the weeknight lushes. Don't have to break the bank.
  • BC

    Check out I play here regularly! Just like your bowels (I hope).
  • Chad G.

    Enjoy happy hour until 9pm. Amazing specials on domestic pitchers and well drinks.
  • Matthew Booth

    Best place to get drunk!! Worst parking ever!!
  • Kaitlyn S.

    Sunday is all day happy hour !
  • KC

    Close out your tab
  • ScioniQCity

    Raise your iQ: one of the most popular spots to watch sports in Dallas.
  • Rachel Richardson

    No more $2 u call its.. Btw
  • Ryan Pombo

    Watch for Paige she's a man eater
  • Kimberly Scott

    Tuesday is pint night on select domestic drafts.
  • Dee Allen

    Monday night $2 you call it! Greatest thing ever!!!
  • Scott Airitam

    Smoky. One of the last places in Dallas that still allows people to smoke would be an awesome place if this weren't's pretty fun in spite of it.
  • Molly Dickson

    Would way rather be drug here then cowboys red river fo sho
  • Josh Thomas

    great live band every night at 9
  • Tendai Garandi

    awesome bar!
  • Adam Schrader

    Males: no matter how expensive the rest of your outfit is, you can't wear plain white T-s.
  • Jessica Chapman

    Monday nights is two dollar you call it's! Bottle beer and wells anything 2 bucks! Best thing ever! :)
  • Kyle Pounds

    Be very careful here they like to kick people out for supposedly being drunk. It happened to me the last two times I was there. The last time they didn't even let me finish my beer. This NEVER happ..
  • Marion Cipher

    Great drink specials & tasty sweet potato fries. The service is hit & miss depending on where you sit. Lately they seem to turn the music up at night to the point you can't hear anyone with you.
  • Keegan Lanier

    Great Beer Selection. Make sure to ask about the current Rahr & Son's Selection on tap. Top notch brewery!! Wednesday night live band karaoke is so much fun too.
  • Jacob Abbott

    Dog friendly patio!
  • John J Pratt III

    Monday night is no longer $2 you call its. Just a head up. There are new specials now on monday nights and they are just as awesome!
  • Brandon Kessler

    They all totally went home together!!
  • Rob Soto

    you've got to try the spinach artichoke dip, it's freaking awesome!
  • T.J. Jones

    They have the best bar food, hands down.
  • Shamel S.

    Attempted to go last night the door guy would not let my wife and I in. he said I had already been drinking when in fact I had just left 24 hr fitness in the same shopping center...i am black!

    Go see Don Ho and Mauri on Wednesday and Saturday Nights! They're awesome.
  • Thomas Pemberton

    Friendly bar tenders and classic rock-n-roll background music. What else could you ask for?!?!
  • Bridget Craven

    I always have a great time at Sherlocks. I LOVE this place.
  • Jessica Wakefield

    Sucky service
  • Adriana Audrey

    Good just for drink ;)
  • Alysha Kristine

    Happy Hour 5 Days a Week! #win
  • Southern Gay

    Smoking allowed
  • Nitesh Kumar

    This place never disappoints.
  • Jenn Marlow

    Ppl keep pouring in :) best Halloween ever!
  • DisGurl AKC

    All day hh on Sundays
  • Bachan Tiwari

    Love the atmosphere.
  • Giovanni Chavolla

    The major is awesome Brett. Justsaying.
  • Randall Weyers

    Great fish&chips
  • Chris Richter

    Rat Ranch! Best cover band of all!
  • Julie Larsen

    They kick you out if you walk in with a Starbucks cup.
  • Rob Mapes

    When ordering the $2 well scotch, be sure to say "with a splash" otherwise they try to charge you $3.75. Unbelievable! But you gotta play their game.
  • Dallas Spills

    Someone left a secret.