Address: 15099 Midway Rd
Phone: (972) 385-8416
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Category: Coffee Shop
Check Ins: 7358


  • AT&T

    You can log on to AT&T Wi-Fi at this Starbucks. Its free, and they also offer great local content on their Starbucks Digital Network.
  • amy f5

    That thing where the barista gives you your drink and says, "Enjoy!" and you say, "You, too!" and then realize how stupid you sound? Yeah.
  • Deanna

    Always very packed. Hard to get a seat (especially one with a wall plug)
  • Chris Atkins

    Refill your Starbucks Card with the Mobile Card iPhone app, and get an extra $5 credit.
  • Nikki Woods

    Peak time starts at 9 am. Get there at 8:55!
  • John Davis

    Sometimes on Saturday mornings they hook up an extra shot or two of espresso at no charge.
  • Alexis Hudson

    Ethan & Matthew are amazing! They know my name & always make my coffee perfect! <3
  • Sonya

    If you have a large vehicle, the drive thru can be tight.
  • Charles Russell

    Excellent baristas. Kyle has made my drink 3 times now and started over due to bitter espresso. Kyle++
  • James Saikin

    Well they aren't any faster yet, but the girls working when I was there are so sweet.
  • Scott Ellis

    Always on the slow side and not well organized. Consistently problematic. This store needs help
  • Kaylen Conners

    Go inside in the morning, and drive thru in the evening... Go to quorum on Sunday.. if you don't want to wait for 30 minutes for your coffee.
  • Brooke Weidenbaker

    Super slow drive through, ridiculous
  • Trista Perot

    Horrible drive through
  • Tony Huntoon ????

    Very SLOW!
  • Tony Huntoon ????

    Not a very clean place. Did not have towels in bathroom.
  • Corey Henderson

    They've shifted all the energy to the drive thru... Inside is slow as Christmas now! :-/
  • Travis Hollywood Britton

    Horrid service and messed up drinks
  • Rodney Blu

    We are out of pumpkin spice, salt toppings and eggnog until next autumn. But until then, the Vanilla Spice latte is growing increasingly popular! Give it a shot! Who knows how long they'll last!
  • Damir Somic

    Drive thru situation had improved greatly. They have a great crew insides that moves fast. Great experience :)
  • Fred

    They tried to improve the drive thru by moving the sign, now you have to wait twice as long after you order. Can Chef Ramsey's from Hells Kitchen make over a Starbucks location? Notoriously slow!!! :(
  • Elba Stevenson

    Best place in town.
  • Shane Phillips

    This Starbucks is extremely LOUD! The slamming cabinets, mixers, you hear all the drive thru orders and it all echoes. I had to turn my headphones WAY up to hear over the background noise!
  • Joshua Lee

    Starbucks simply amazing! What else can you say!
  • Jordan Rutledge

    Slow, seriously find another Starbucks
  • Lori Morris

    Never come here! They are so slow the barista "Jackie" I'd the worst always messes up UGH
  • Trevor Lofton

    Not the place to stop if you want to get in and out quick.
  • Adam Buchanan

    Mocha Frappuccino is the best!
  • Megan T.

    Spinach feta wrap is amazing!!
  • M !

    Slowest Starbucks in the universe
  • Elisha Scott

    Very roomy and comfy
  • Jeff Kuo

    Definitely slowest Starbucks out there. It wasn't even busy...
  • Shelby Villescaz

    If you ever do this and expect the line to be cool with it, you're an asshole.
  • Joshua Lee

    Can never go wrong with Starbucks! Remember to pay it forward every once in awhile

    There's a drive through here!! How convenient.
  • Starbucks

    Treat Receipt is back! Bring in your morning receipt after 2pm and get any Grande cold drink for just $2.