The Londoner

Address: 14930 Midway Rd
Phone: (972) 458-2444
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Category: Pub
Check Ins: 8990



    The pub is showing BBC America's coverage of the 6 Nations Rugby Championship. The kitchen opens at 8:00 a.m. with a British Fry Up on the menu.
  • Patrick Vierzba

    Try the beer. It's delightful!
  • Don Thorp

    The hamburger was very good, give it a try.
  • Mary McLaughlin

    Best pub in DFW!
  • FC Dallas

    Besides always having soccer on the tv, the Londoner has Trivia from 9-midnight on Mondays & Pint Nights on Tuesdays!
  • Major League Soccer

    The Londoner is an authentic British Pub where they live and breathe soccer. Enjoy great food and drinks while catching the FC Dallas match. The Londoner is an official pub of MLS!
  • Jamison Minkoff

    Meagan and Lauren are awesome waitresses! Trivia night Monday night is a blast!!!
  • Chic

    There are beers here that you can't be wanting to not be missing or drinking the beer that is here.
  • John Haughey

    Home of the Dallas Reds, Manchester United Supporters Club
  • Mario Xiqued

    Paid $12 for fish and chips finished feeling hungry still. I'm not fat or nothing but I seen two ppl order the same thing I did and both had the same I made. Don't order this not worth $7 or $12
  • Tim Lam

    Dog friendly establishment!
  • Ipequey

    Drink beer. Your kidneys will thank you!
  • Jason Kyle

    Great atmosphere. Smokers welcomed. Great patio. Fine whiskeys and one of the best fish and chips around. Open til 2am. Whats not to like? Unless you're a non-smoker, then, yeah...
  • Erin Lindsey

    Best wings ever. Did not expect that at a "British" pub.
  • Crystal McDermott

    The Chicken Tikki Masala rocks!
  • Craig Fisher

    Curry fries!
  • John Haughey

    Home of the Dallas Reds, the Manchester United fan club of Dallas -
  • Anand Padmanaban

    French Fries with curry sauce and chicken biryani - Do not miss it.
  • Canyon Russell

    Best shepherds pie in months!
  • Lowell G Jr

    Try the Cheesy Hampton Fries, they are delicious!
  • Athena Askew

    It's not very cute in there. Don't dress nice. It's a real pub. Went on st Patrick day and service wasn't that great.
  • FaFa

    Shepard's Pie rocks!!
  • CC Hameed

    Great atmosphere to watch soccer. The best dish on the menu is the Chicken Biryani (get "Burn your Bum" hot!). Monday night - trivia evening, Tuesday night - pint night ...
  • James Fiero

    Chimay grand reserve ftw!!
  • David Brown

    Try the bud select. It's incredible!!!
  • Anish Dhanekula

    Best place in Dallas for watching soccer. They get most of the games & the crowd is pretty lively with a lot of friendly banter. Try the chicken tikka masala, it's quiet good.
  • Christian Bowers

    Get the chicken curry, "burn your bum" spicy!
  • Marek Bejda

    Nice place, good beer, sub par service, ordered chips with my food and got fries twice.
  • Dustin Insco

    Ehh! Not to bad, not to good! Good food, need more variety of beers.Carried a few rotating local beers, and a lot of easy to get beers. Try it for your self, maybe it was a bad night to there!
  • Rachel Pritchard

    Very classic English food menu. Larger beer list full of local, American and European beer/brewies.
  • Laura Briola

    Hot toddy for coughs and wonky tums - does the trick!
  • Mike Decker

    Great fish & chips (curry mayo is a must) but the smoking sucks
  • Nikki

    Fish n' Chips w/curried mayo & Curry chicken salad are a must!
  • Ben

    Fish and Chips were great!
  • Megan Vas

    Meagan is wonderful!!! Always remembers your drinks and is friendly.
  • Brent Enonymous

    In a town devoid of any personality whatsoever, the Londoner will revive your mojo... I will be back.
  • Andrew McNamara

    Lots and lots of smoke in the air. If that bothers you, I'd suggest another bar.
  • Levi Leddy

    Try the Guiness Stew. Tons of European Soccer on the tube as well.
  • Jennifer Karr

    I can't keep my shirt on!
  • Brandon Kessler

    Jenn Karr pants can't keep her shirt on!
  • Brian Green

    If ordering chicken & chips ask for a side of buffalo sauce for dipping. It's just the right amount of spice for an already delicious meal!
  • Belinda Smith

    Try the bangers and mash or steak and mushroom pie! Both were awesome and large portions
  • Barb-o-joy

    Ask for Lauren. She's a badass server
  • Sammy Ward

    Official Supporters Club in Dallas,of Manchester United. All games screened live. If you live for United, this is where you need to check in!
  • Barbara

    They have the best veggie burger. It's not on the menu.
  • Norrin Radd

    If you're looking to watch the World Cup in a futbol-centric environment, this is the place
  • Taiyyib Choudhry

    Too crowded for what it is. Rude waitress and staff. Can't handle the pressure on busy hours. They will scream and yell at you to move out their way or keep the lanes clear. Won't be coming here again
  • Kelly Calhoun

    On Mondays, it's $1 off ALL drinks (except PBR).
  • Jess

    Great selection of drinks/beers! Apparently you can still smoke indoors in Addison, TX. Band was awesome but WAY too loud...I feel very old saying that but, bring your ear plugs. You will thank me :)
  • Loch Hightower

    Come here to stay warm when the wintry mix rolls on in...
  • Tahir K

    Disgusting. People smoke here. Can this city join the 21st century?
  • michael russell

    Do not get the queso. There is literally no flavor. It's like Velveeta with no rotel.
  • Michael B

    Fish n'chips were awful. 2 pieces of tiny fish w/end bits of fries for $12 should never leave the kitchen for a customer. And having the singer of some band walk on the table while u eat, r u serious!
  • Ashlee Petty

    This place is the shit.
  • Lc Graves

    Scotch egg does not have any seasoning
  • Lc Graves

    Fish & chips ok. Much better at captain d's and cheaper too
  • Lc Graves

    Very smokey
  • Lc Graves

    Dont bring your appetite #london size portions
  • Alyson C

    They have a great seletion of beers, ciders etc. Try the Salmon and the macaroni and cheese is awesome!
  • Adam Gordon

    Great food and great atmosphere. Love it.
  • Tina Green

    Pulled pork sliders are good.
  • Eric Jenkins

    It's not very cute in there? Dumb.
  • Debbie Ruckstaetter

    Fantastic! Delicious fish and chips. Carlsberg lager. Will be back!
  • fatih nar

    I got chicken wings since someone adviced in here; previously boiled wings microwaved then sauced, like a joke ha? Unfortunately ! As a Londoner my heart has broken ...
  • fatih nar

    No Kilkenny :-(
  • Nitesh Kumar

    Best place to watch soccer in North Dallas.Very friendly waitresses and awesome service.
  • Joanna Iz

    Check out tues night band!
  • Kevin Kirkland

    Fish and chips were great as was the fresh fruit and cream. Guinness on tap! The only piss (ie. Crappy American Beer) they have on tap that I saw was PBR.
  • Jason Kyle

    LOVE the bartenders! Ask for Mike, Hiram, Kelly, or Doug. Tell em Jason sent ya!
  • Mike Jones

    The Chicken Tiki Marsala is amazing!!
  • Chris Wood

    Fish n chips duhhhhhh
  • Chris Tipton

    The Avery beer is fantastic.
  • Ed

    This place was a mad house during Euro 2012. Great soccer pub atmosphere, and even though it was busy, I still got quick service with good food and drinks.
  • Abhishek Datla

    The best place to watch Premier League games in the DFW area..amazing beer and good food!
  • Lord Will E McG

    shows all the EPL games.. good food ..
  • Greg Hardin

    order something on tap and watch some soccer. the smoking areas can sometimes be stinky
  • Katie Cunningham

    Monday's night trivia night. And the answer is Magic hat #9!!!
  • Dan Pepin

    Looking for a place to watch the soccer game? This is it!
  • Michael Paulk

    The home of the Dallas Gooner Society, supporters of Arsenal FC. By far the greatest team the world has ever seen.
  • joshua sowards

    Not a straight pool cue in the house so have another draft and rack em
  • Photog Peter Stawicki

    Try the Scottish eggs. Delicious!
  • Brian Dunaway

    The pulled pork sandwich hits the spot.
  • Todd The Ninja

    Ask for the Matt shot! Nom nom nom