20s and 30s Board Games

Group Description

This group is for people in their 20's and 30's to enjoy the hobby of board gaming together! The hobby has exploded in recent years resulting in tons of new games.  This group was made for casual players and hobbyists. 

Our games fall into 3 categories:

 Light/Social (<1 hr, low complexity)

 Medium (<2 hrs, <3 Complexity on BoardGameGeek.com)

 Heavy (We would create a specific event to play this game. If you have a heavy game, consider becoming an Event Organizer)

Games we will play will include different game mechanics such as Hand Management, Card Drafting, Bidding, Bluffing, Deception, Deduction, Set Collection, Dice, Unique Character Powers, Voting, Discussion, Guessing and more!  Some games will be played competitively and some cooperatively! 

Check the photo album for pictures and descriptions of games members have introduced at our Meetup!

*Costs of the Group*

There are no costs to join the group or attend Meetups.  The costs of the Meetup are covered by your organizers.

If you are curious what costs Meetup organizers must pay, here's the rundown:

Meetup makes organizers purchase 6 months worth of Meetups in advance to keep the group running: totaling 90 dollars every 6 months. 

*Support the Group*

There are two ways you can support the group:

1) Donation Money - A donation box is available at most events. Online, there is a green Chip In button to the left of the meetup you can use to make a donation.

2) Writing a comment/review of what you liked about the group.

This motivates me and my event organizers to continue making Meetups.

*Event Organizer*

If our events aren't scratching your board gaming itch, ask to be an event coordinator. Our group is large enough that you're bound to find that perfect table when you host an event.Got a new game? Host an event!Designed a new game? Beta-test event!Manage a local business? Event at your place!Bored? Impromptu event!

*Important Reminder*

RSVPs are extremely important and attendance is taken at most events. This is because the number of players greatly affects which games are brought and played. Please keep your RSVPs accurate and avoid last minute changes.

I reserve the right to change the rules of the group at a later time period if needed.

Code of conduct:

- Everyone should foster an inviting, friendly atmosphere.

- Treat game components with care.

- Be respectful to the owners of our meetup location.

Repeated violation of the code, will result with ban of member.

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!